Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Preparedness!

Are you just a bit tired of all this crazy winter weather?  I know you might enjoy a late start or a snow day but surely spring will be here soon.  But just in case, make sure you are prepared for this winter weather.  Sure your mom might pick up bread and milk at the store but you need to stop by the library and grab a good book so you won't be bored when you are stuck at home.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather!  Grab a book!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love is in the air!

February is an exciting month here in the HMS Library.  Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we have tons of romantic books to answer that craving for something sweet!  Make sure you check out our Romance books as well as our poetry.

And don't forget February is Black History Month.  We have some great biographies and other nonfiction text about some famous black Americans.  Don't miss an opportunity to read about people who help make our great country the diverse nation that it is.

Lastly, President's Day is approaching.  We don't have the day off from school, but that's no reason to forget about our founding fathers.  We have biographies on our country's leaders as well as some interesting reads about the presidents' pets as well as a book of interesting facts on several presidents.
Make sure you check it out!