Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello Summer! But not a goodbye to reading!

Yes- summer is finally here!  I cannot believe it.  Every year I anticipate summer and cannot wait for its arrival.  After all, I look forward to sleeping late, laying  out by the pool and just hanging out.  But I also look forward to all of the reading I will get to do! 

Don't allow yourself to get out of the habit of reading just because it is summer.  Put that device down (unless it has an Overdrive app) and pick up a book.  Or if you are a techie, download a book from our Overdrive site or from the public library. (  Summer is a great time to discover a new and exciting book you may have missed out on this year. Or check out a new genre you've never tried before. 

Remember, reading is a life long pursuit!  Don't stop reading just because school is out. 

Enjoy Summer!  READ!