Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Do you have a hobby? Is there something you really enjoy doing or think you would like to try? I think it is really important for everyone to have some sort of hobby. Life is stressful and hobbies are a great way to unwind and take some time for yourself. Lots of our teachers have different hobbies. Did you know that Mrs. Kilpatrick loves to knit? Or that Ms. White loves to workout at the Y? Mrs. Binkley enjoys sewing and quilting and Ms. Stewart plays tennis. Ms. Nowak likes to paint with watercolors and Mr. Cobb is an avid tennis player.

Personally, I have several hobbies. You probably can figure out that my favorite hobby is reading. I absolutely love to read to de-stress and unwind. But did you know I also love to birdwatch in my backyard? I even have a book so I can identify the birds I see. I have also tried knitting, sewing and some other things. No matter what, hobbies are important and if you don't have one then you might want to think about something new you'd like to try. And remember the library has tons of books to help you with your search for the perfect hobby. And don't forget, you tube has all kinds of how to videos if you want to learn a new skill. Also check out Pintrest for great hobby ideas.

Remember summer is coming so now is the perfect time to find something fun to do with your time. Don't be a couch potato all summer. Discover a hobby and discover something new about yourself!

Here's some ideas to get you started:

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