Friday, September 20, 2013

I just read a blog post from my new favorite library blog The Adventures of Library Girl.  In this post, Library Girl is discussing teaching students how to make an avatar. While I have always thought avatars were really cool, I never thought of them as educational.  But boy was I ever wrong!  If you think about it, when you create an avatar, you are using a digital tool.  And with all of our increasing interest and emphasis on technology, creating an avatar is definitely educational.  But more than the digital aspect, creating an avatar can help you as a student learn to appreciate the differences in yourself and others.  What better way to express yourself than to create a reflection of yourself with all of your best parts including your interests and your uniqueness.  So thank you, Library Girl for showing me how cool and education can go together.

I created this avatar just to be silly!  As you know, our library is never quiet and I hope I am a bit more fashionable than this!

Try some of these sites and see if you can make your very own avatar!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

What Do Librarians Do Anyway?

When you think of me, your awesome school librarian, your first thoughts may be something like this.  "Mrs. Jackson helps me pick out books I like to read" or "Mrs. Jackson pesters me until I find a book that I might read."  Or you might even think, "Mrs. Jackson is really weird!" But did you know that your trusty librarian can amaze you with even more skills than excellent book recommendations? 

In all seriousness, although some of my job is to help you select great books that you will want to read, my job is also to help you build your knowledge of key skills including information literacy, digital citizenship, and effective researching. Additionally, I want you to learn to think critically and be able to problem solve effectively.  So next time you have a research project or writing assignment, stop by and allow me to make some suggestions to help you.  I promise, I will try not to act too weird!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have You Tried Overdrive?

It is a new school year and the time to try something new and different and totally cool!  Overdrive is a service provided by Homewood City Schools so that our students have access to e-books and audiobooks for free!  That is right.  It is totally free and very easy to use. 

And thanks to the Homewood City Schools Foundation, we have added tons of new titles and that includes audiobooks. 

Just follow the easy steps on the Overdrive help website and you will be checking out e-books in no time.  Happy Reading!

Overdrive Help